Guide part 1: Walkthrough


Leave your house after you've read the story, to do this stand in front of the door and then press down (press down to leave a house or shop and up to enter one). Walk to left and enter the house in the tree trunk. Talk to the fortune teller by pressing up (press up to talk to a person or to buy items). After the fortune teller has informed you about your dangerous journey you will receive an exilir and 3 pieces firestorm magic. Leave the house and jump on the moving platform. Jump on the tree trunk to get some extra coins, then continue to the right. I suggest to buy the leather boots in the shop here, you can collect some extra money (30 gold) by killing the snakes. When you're ready continue to the right, pass the soldiers. Now you'll enter the Monster World Sea. Cross this sea to reach Alsedo. At the end you'll see a jumping jelly fish. Jump on him to get on the high cliff.


Stand between the two pillars in the middle of the village and press up, you'll be transported to queen Eleanora talk to her, she will entrust one of her helpers to you, priscilla. Priscilla will give you a small heart each time you've defeated 5 enemies in the same area. Go back to the village and talk to Sonia. She will tell you that see had lost her Ocarina somewhere in the cave. Go find it. If you return it Sonia will teach you the songs to open the doors in the cave. To open them stand on a platform with the music notes and use the Ocarina. Now play one of these melodies.

Doors with blue music notes: B,A,BA,B,C,B
Doors with red music notes: A,B,C,B,C,A,B
Doors with green music notes: A,C,C,A,B,A,B

After you've defeated the Myconid leave the village through the hole in the tree near queen Eleanora. But before you leave make sure you got at least 400 gold.


After falling in the gab (mind to gold in the grass left from the ladder) enter the door, walk to the next door and enter it again. You're now in the underground passage of Purapril castle. Walk to the left, after a while you'll encounter a knight. He can be easily defeated by striking with your sword on his feet. After you've defeated him princes Sheila Purapril will thank you and ask you to come to her kingdom. Climb the tower to reach it. Once there, make sure to talk to everyone, they have valuable information for you. When you're done, leave the kingdom. Go to the bottom of the tower and enter the door, which was closed before. You're now in Purapril the Aqua capital. This is an important town in the game, you have to return here often. Buy some goods and leave the village through the south west exit.


Some where in the jungle you can find a small village called Lilypad. Once you've reached this town, talk to the villagers. They will tell you that one of the dwarf children has been captured be the monsters. Leave the village and continue to the left, where you'll find the monsters who have kidnapped Hotta. After you've defeated the monsters, Hotta will return to the village. Talk to his sister and Hotta will join you. Hotta is very strong and is an expert in finding secret areas. Take him to the ruins, right from the village, and he will open the entrance. Before you enter the ruins, make sure you've bought the best armor. Once inside the ruins walk to the left, don't mind the darkness for a while. At the end you'll see a button, jump on it and enter the room to the left. There you have to fight a giant bat. Use your firestorms to get rid of him easily. After you've defeated him you will receive the lamp. Go back to the button and go down the ladder. Go down and watch out for the big boulders. When you're at the point with the gab go to the right. Make your way to the room with the button and activate it. No go back to the right and you'll notice that a few bricks have changed color. These gray blocks can be shattered with your sword. Walk to the middle of the room and wait until Hotta makes the entrance appear to a room with a heart container. Get it and get back to the big gab. Jump on the ladder and proceed to the left. After a while you'll enter a room with a chest. Jump on the moving platform and then jump on the bricks at the right side. You'll notice that the stones collapse when you stand on them. Now you're able to press the switch. Jump on the moving platform again and break the blocks with your sword. Now you can continue to the right. At the end of the room with the ghosts, fall into the gab. Walk to the left first. There you'll find the shell shield in a secret room. Get back to the right. Now you'll see a room with 4 buttons. Press them in this order. 2th, 3th 1st, 4th and fall into the gab at the end of the room. Gragg & Glagg are now waiting for you. Defeat them to get the Trident.


When you equip the trident you're able to swim underwater. First return to Purapril by going through the new door in Lilypad. Leave Purapril at the north west exit. You're now outside the castle wall where you've been just after you've left your house. Go to the right and jump in the sea. Here you can find secret doors to treasure chests, 3 to be exact. The pygmy armor is hidden inside the treasure chests, which you have probably seen before. You can reach it by going through the underground maze. After you've got it go to Alsedo and leave and make your way to the underground passage. After a short time you'll see a gab filled with water, stand on the bottom and press up to enter a secret door. After getting the heart, go to the end of the passage and jump in the gab filled with water to reach the Monster World Sea. In this sea you can find another part of the Pygmy equipment. It's located at the right side beyond the cliff. To enter Poseidon's shrine you'll need the amulet. This item is located in the chest at the right end of the Monster World Sea. When you're in the room with the chest and the 4 palm trees, stand between the 4 palm trees and press up, you'll be transported to the amulet. Now the entrance to Poseidon's shrine will appear at the right under corner of this sea. Once inside swim to the right and hit the red switches with your trident to turn of the vents. After switching them all off go back and go down. When you see a split in the road, take the upper road first to get Return magic. Don't use it yet because it will teleport you to your last saving point. After that make your way to Poseidon. He will tell you that the Oasis boots are hidden somewhere inside his shrine. They are in the chest a little bit back which you've problably seen before but was not able to open it. After getting them use return to get back to Purapril.


The shop named Wanderer is now open in Purapril, do some shopping and then pass the big tower to reach the Maugham Desert. Make your way through the desert and fall into the gab to get some extra quake magic. In the well, a little bit further, you can find the key which opens the Pyramid. It's located underwater so you have to select your trident and marine boots again. The Pyramid isn't to hard. In the room with the chest surrounded by rocks find a secret door which leads to the chests. The Sphinx in this pyramid likes to play quizzes. He'll ask you 5 questions, you have to answer at least 4 questions correct to pass him. Here are the answers to the questions he can ask.

A charmstone costs 500.000 gold.
After defeating Gragg & Glagg you received the trident.
The name of the dwarf village is Lilypad.
The first type of magic you acquired is Fire storm.
The oasis boots helped you to cross Maugham desert.
The trident is not sold at the Wanderer weapon shop.
The shop called Fellisimo does not sell items.
The Sun-Key opens the door to the pyramid.
Eleanora is the name of the queen of Alsedo.

After passing the Sphinx, enter the right door of the pyramid to get the pygmy shield. Then enter the left door and make your way up to the teleporter. The dragon village called Begonia is right from the mountain area. When you first enter this town the most shops are closed. Meet the Elder Dragon in this village, he'll give you the Bracelet. With this item you can enter the ice-world. One of the doors in Begonia lead you back to Purapril.


You can reach the Ice world by going through the cave under the underground passage to Purapril. Do some shopping in Childam and meet the fortune teller, she will entrust Shabo to you. This little fellow helps Shion defeating enemies. Inside the Ice-Palace hit the dog statues and pull robes. You have to find 2 gems in this palace,they are easy to find. After you've got the gems and the pygmy boots jump on the platforms in the middle to get up. Now install both gems in the statues by pressing up. Defeat the Ice bomber and go back to Begonia


You should now have all the parts of the pygmy gear. Enter the house right from the village to turn into a pygmy. Go to the blacksmith, he'll tell you that his fire urn is stolen by one of the monsters. Enter the volcano and make your way to the room with the door and the snakes (see picture). Stand on the smallest platform in this room. After a few seconds some blocks will change into gray blocks. Shatter them and go fight the tyrant dragon. Power magic will help you.


Once you've received the fire-urn, bring it back to the Blacksmith.
He will now turn the old axe into the sword of Legend. After receiving this sword go to the bell tower in the kingdom of Sheila Purapril. Once there press up and you'll be teleported to Nightmare castle. This castle is simular to Monster's Castle of Wonderboy 2 and 3. Follow these instructions to get through this castle.


Fall into the first gab.

Walk to the right and climb up

Again walk to the right and climb up.

Go to the left until you can get up.

Go to the right until you can get up.

Jump on the skateboard and jump off when you're near the chain. Mind that the Legendary boots are located in this room.

Jump on the robe lifts and fall into the gab, there you'll find the Armor of Legend. Enter the door to get up.

Go to the right.

Grab the first robe to get the Shield of Legend, then grab the 2nd one and enter all the doors.

Defeat the 2 skeleton knights, there feet are vulnerable.

Defeat the dragon.

Jump constantly on the 2 small platforms to reach the platform with the small snake, then continue the progress.

After defeating the Almighty Demon King the battle has not ended. BioMeka awaits you in his space ship. You can reach him by pressing up in the bell tower and walk to the left. Biomeka is a tough enemy so make sure you've got an elixir and hi-potion. Use your power magic. The lightning magic will help you to destroy the lasers.


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