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The Barters are hidden under the small cracks. You can trade your fishes here for useful items. Fall in a small crack then press down to enter the barter.

Friendly barters treat you nice and sell their items for reasonable prices.
Unfriendly barters are twice as expensive as the friendly barters.
Santa will only appear a few times in the game. He gives Pentaro one item for free.


If you haven't got enough fishes to buy an item, you can try your luck on the slot machine. Remember that you can use it only 3 times if you don't have the pendant. The maximum number of fishes is 999. Check out the game section to play this game online!


These penguins will appear when the last number of your remaining time is a 2, 4, 6 or an 8 after you've defeated a guardian. The number of penguins relies on the last number.


Hearts will appear during the game, try to get the yellow one at all cost. They will switch color every time you jump.
purple heart: 1000 points (50000 is an extra live)
green heart: extra time
blue heart: a cloud
yellow heart: invincible


This bonus area is filled with fish, there are 2 different bonus areas. One with normal fish and a few golden fishes and one with no normal fishes but more golden fishes. The wings will take you to this area. They can appear in several stages and on different locations. You have to jump on the right distance to make them appear.


These bags contain a special item. They will appear when you've got the ring. The first present will appear in stage 6, it contains the blue boots the second one will appear in stage 13. The red shoes are inside this present.


Some of the big cracks lead to secret warp areas, which allows you to skip 1 stage. Fall in a crack and press down, if you're lucky Pentaro will enter a warp area.


The dinosaur will appear after every 3 stages. Jump 4 times on all the pillars or simply shoot several times with your pistol.


(These codes can only be used when you play penguin adventure from disk)
Poke &H9228, 0 Time stops
Poke &H935F, X &HNumber of lives
Poke &H9360, L: &HLevel,
Poke &H9361, L &HLevel


Type the code NORIKO at the level select screen to get a continue option.


Penguin adventure has two different endings. You have to pause the game once to save the princess. It's allowed to make use of warps and the Game master.



There are some secret bags in the game but they are very hard to find (I've never found one). I hope to come with more information soon. I want to thank Chris Cottam and Robert for their contributions.

Item 1: Protects you from fire

This item was found in level 14, it should appear if you fall into the first or last crack in the level and press down.

Item 2: Protects your against bats.

Robert told me about a robe, this item protects you against bats. It appears some times in stage 9 after the wings (distance 300).

Item 3: Allows you to run through the big boulders.



Needed to reach the end of stage 12, 18 and 24.


Needed to make the presents appear in stage 6 and 13.

Yellow Ring

Allows you to swim through sea anemones.


Shoots bullets when M is pressed.


Allows you to move faster to the left or the right.

Green Shoes

Increases your speed.

Red Shoes

Ends the influence of the bends.


Protects you against ink shots.


Allows you to use the slot machine infinity times.


Protects you 3 times against birds and bats.


Protects you 3 times against lightning.


Protects you 3 times against the red creatures.


Needed to see invisible enemies.


Allows you to change direction in the air.


Increases the height of a jump.


Rings when you are approaching a warp.

Below you can see a list of with all (I hope) wings, barters and

STAGE 1 - Woods

483 left friendly barter
420 wings
327 right friendly barter
184 right unfriendly barter

STAGE 2 - Cave

381 left unfriendly barter
181 left friendly barter
76 right unfriendly barter

STAGE 3 - Ice Surface

680 right unfriendly barter
665 right unfriendly barter
401 right friendly barter
380 wings
84 left unfriendly barter

STAGE 3 - Ice Surface

336 left friendly barter
297 left Santa Claus
147 warp

STAGE 7 - Ice Surface

700 wings
563 left unfriendly barter
263 right unfriendly barter

STAGE 9 - Frosty Woods

405 right friendly barter
335 warp
300 wings
182 left friendly barter

STAGE 12 - Ice Surface

783 right unfriendly barter
520 wings
483 left unfriendly barter
435 right friendly barter
183 left Santa Claus

STAGE 13 - Frosty Woods

355 warp
361 left unfriendly barter
187 right friendly barter
181 left unfriendly barter

STAGE 14 - Cave

173 left friendly barter
88 right unfriendly barter

STAGE 15 - Desert

479 right friendly barter
431 left friendly barter
77 warp

STAGE 16 - Cave

1020 wings
341 left unfriendly barter

STAGE 18 - Woods

815 left friendly barter
444 left unfriendly barter
431 right friendly barter
419 warp

STAGE 21 - Desert

984 right Santa Claus
863 left unfriendly barter
383 left unfriendly barter
179 right friendly barter

STAGE 22 - Cave

932 right unfriendly barter
867 right friendly barter
835 left friendly barter
256 left friendly barter

STAGE 24 - Ice Surface

1109 left unfriendly barter
584 right friendly barter