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Thanks for visiting Classic Warp Zone: MSX.
MSX was a popular home computer standard. It was well known
In Japan, the Netherlands, Brazil and a few other countries. Konami has released some major games for this computer, what to say of Vampire killer (the first castlevania) Nemesis, Metal Gear and Parodius. On this site you can find information, guides and tips for my favourite MSX games. I also have some desktop icons and an online version of the Penguin Adventure slot-machine.

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updated 29 October

-Updated the King Kong 2 page. More information thanx to Robert
-Updated the top-10
-Updated the Penguin Adventure page. More information about the secret items, again thanx to Robert

updated 19 October

-Updated the slotmachine highscore
-Updated the top-10

updated: 15 October

-Added a few links.
-Updated the slotmachine highscore

 updated: 30 September

-Added a few links.
-Updated the top-10
-Updated the Highscore of the Mog quiz

 updated: 14 September

-Removed the script from the first page since it only works with netscape 4.0.
-Added a few links.
-Updated the top-10

 updated: 11 September

-Added new secrets to the penguin adventure guide.
Those secret where send to me by Chris Cottam. Thanks!

 updated: 2-9 September

-Added and remove a few links
-Fixed the slotmachine
-Fixed the castlevania intro
-updated the top-10

 Updated 1 september

Here are the main updates.
-Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake guide
-More game tips and codes
-More about King Kong 2
-A slot machine


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