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F2- Pauses the game.
F1 - Shows the equipment window.
M - Use your sub-weapon/item.
SPACE - Strike with your knife.
ARROWS - Move your character.

Some items can be activated with a button combination.

BIBLE- Press <CTRL> (can be used 15 times)
HALO - Press F1, then <ENTER>
FEATHER - Press F1, then a number
MAGNIFYING GLASS - Stand in front of a grave and press M.
DAGGER - Type the code "UMBRELLA" in a room with bats.


The castle is the main section in this game. There are 10 big portals in the castle which lead to the worlds. Use the Halo to return to this castle when you are in a world. Explore the whole castle to find all the items, remember the rooms with fairies and keep defeating enemies to gain experience and coins, keys and arrows. I've created a MAP of the castle a few years ago, it shows the locations of all items, world portals, fairies and other interesting places.


You're able to switch between 2 characters during the game.

POPOLON: The bravest and most respected knight of the castle.
Advantage: Popolon can destroy rocks in 3 hits and can jump higher than Aphrodite.
Disadvantage: Popolon can't stay long under water and can only shoot or put 2 weapons at once.

APHRODITE: This girl is the Greek goddess of love and beauty.
Advantage: Aphrodite can stay long under water and she can shoot or put 3 weapons at once.
Disadvantage: Aphrodite needs 15 hits to shatter a rock and she can't pass the rotating doors. She is not able to shatter the weak walls.

Note: Some items effect some of the disadvantages.


Fairies are in the rooms with the flashing rings.
Stand for 5 seconds on the right location in these rooms to make a fairy appear. Catch her and she will heal your wounds. The 3 rooms are listed below with the right location.

Room 1
Room 2
Room 3


All the Coins, arrows and keys will reappear when you reset the game and enter your password, you can also use the bible again.

Start the game and press F2 then type the code ZEUS, now you're able to continue when the game ends.

There's a trick to shatter rocks from above: stand on a rock and jump, strike with sword just before you land on the rock, you will also get it's contents.

Insert one of the games below in slot 2 of your MSX.
Knightmare: Allows you to revive your lover 99 times at Death's shrine
Q-bert: You'll start the game with 100 coins, keys and arrows and a full vitality bar.

Go to the room located in the left under corner of the castle (the room with the pendant) if you've run out of keys, coins or arrows. Defeat the white star above the upper platform with an arrow. You'll receive 4 coins, 20 arrows or a key. Leave the room and repeat the progress.

Some of the stairways you'll climb will disappear. They will reappear when you are 4 rooms away from them. Step from the last step of the stairway to avoid this process.


Press L at the title screen to enter the password screen. There you
can type your password Demeter gave to you.

Type this password to begin with a full vitality meter.

9 worlds completed and all items.

Jonas Astrand has cracked the password system of this game.
Jonas: "The two last figures or numbers binds the rest together. you can for example write xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx, and so on, as long as you have the patience to try out all combinations of the last two figures!" Below you can see an example.


There are 10 worlds. Each world has a guardian. The items you'll find in the worlds will only work in the world you've found them. Use the halo to teleport back to the castle. Defeat all the enemies in a room when you're stuck, most times a stairway will appear or wall will disappear.

Below you can open the world maps. The rooms where you have to defeat all the enemies are marked with a yellow border and the big red arrow is the entrance of the world.




Q: How can I cross the room with the water in world 2 ?
A: You'll need the doll. This item will make a bridge appear.

Q: How can I leave the room with the cape in world 3 ?
A: Take 5 times the ladder to the upper room.

Q: How can I cross the room with the water in world 5 ?
A: Stand for 15 seconds on the edge of the wall, stones should now appear. Wait a for a few secs on the 2nd stone to the 1st stone move.

Q: Where's the grave with the secret spell in world 7 ?
A: Select Aphrodite and jump in the water, you'll notice that the basin has no bottom.

Q: How can I enter the room of the world 9 guardian ?
A: Enter the room right from the guardian, defeat the gargoyle, then hit the wall in the upper-left corner of this room.

Q: Where is the world 10 portal ?
A: The world 10 portal can appear on 4 different places.
1) At the starting point.
2) In the room with the bracelet near world 6, this is in the right side of the castle near the lava.
3) In the room left from the vase, this is in the left tower near the bible. Teleport to world 8 to get here quick.
4) In the top of the castle in the room where you can buy the golden shield, this is near world 9.
Look at the
MAP for the exact locations.


Each world has a guardian who holds the key to the next world.
You have to type a secret spell to bring him back to live. The spell is written on one of the stone monuments in the world. You'll need the magnifying glass to look on them. Type this spell in the room with the weird sign on the wall.

Guardian of World 1
Secret Spell: Yomar
Defeat him with arrows
Strategy: Stay on the left side and keep shooting arrows, don't bother to avoid the bones, just keep shooting.

Guardian of World 2
Secret spell: Elohim
Defeat him with arrows
Strategy: Shoot arrows on his green pin and stay near the entrance of the room.

Guardian of World 3
Secret spell: Hahakla
Defeat him with your knife or fire
Strategy: Attack him after he has breathed fire or shoot fire on his neck or head.

Guardian of World 4
Secret spell: Barechet
Defeat him with mines
Strategy: Put 3 mines and walk to the other side of the room when he leaps.

Guardian of World 5
Secret spell: Heotymeo
Defeat him with arrows
Strategy: Stay near the entrance of the room, keep shooting arrows on his head and jump to avoid his fire.

Guardian of World 6
Secret spell: Lepha
Defeat him with fire
Strategy: Select Aphrodite since she can shoot 3 fire shots at once. Stay on the platforms and use the bible to freeze him when your character fell from the platform.

Guardian of World 7
Secret spell: Nawabra
Defeat him with white arrows
Strategy: Climb on a ladder and shoot arrows on his tongue. Go to the other side of the room when he his near your character.

Guardian of World 8
Secret spell: Ascher
Defeat him with rolling fire
Strategy: Wait a moment until he falls to a lower platform, then jump on the platform above him and shoot rolling fire.

Guardian of World 9
Secret spell: Xywoleh
Defeat him with white arrows
Strategy: Climb on the ladder and shoot on one of his faces. If you're lucky the lighting of the clouds wouldn't hit you. Fight with your 2nd character before the first dies.

Guardian of world 10
Secret spell: Hamalech
Method #1: Shoot on his black cross (with golden cross)
Method #2: Put mines under the platform of Galious, then jump on them to let them explode (this may take a while).


NOTE: The locations of the items are shown on the castle MAP.
The oar, doll and carpet are located in the worlds.


Protects you against the white plasma shots located in some worlds.


Increases your defense


Protects you against the green plants


Protects you against the white witches.


Protects you against gass clouds.


Protects you against fire balls.

Bronze Shield

Stops shots from small monsters.

Silver Shield

Stops shots from all monsters except the bosses.

Golden Shield

Stops shots from all monsters.


Allows popolon to enter world 7.

Trumpet Shell

Allows Aphrodite to enter world 5.


Needed to see the walls in the room with the rod item in world 5.


The controls will flip in world 8 without this item.


This item will mark the room of the guardian on the world map.

Golden Cross

Needed to defeat Galious with the simple method.


Rings when you're approaching the next world.


Teleports you to Demeter's password shrine.


Teleports you to an open world portal.


Allows Popolon to shoot 3 arrows at once instead of 2.


Allows Aphrodite to shatter the weak walls.


Allows Aphrodite to shatter the rocks in 3 hits instead of 15.


Allows Popolon to put 3 mines instead of 2.

Bread & Water

Allows Aphrodite to go through rotating doors.


Shatters all the rocks in the room.


Freezes the enemies for a while, can be used 15 times.


Increases the speed of both heroes.


Needed to enter Death's shrine.


Halves the number of experience needed to refill your vitality.


Destroys all the bats in a room after typing UMBRELLA.


Halves the number of hits needed to defeat an enemy.


Makes a bridge appear in world 2.


Allows you to walk on water in two rooms of world 5.


Will turn the lava in world 8 to stone and will end the appearance of fireballs.

Magnyfing Glass

Needed to look on the graves in the worlds.


World Key

Needed to open a world portal.

World Map

A map of the world will appear on the equipment screen.

Holy Water

Decreases the vitality meter of the world guardian.


Decreases the strength of attacks from the world guardian.


Gives you infinity weapons when you're fighting the guardian.


THE VASE [image]
It's located in the left tower of the castle, in the room with the blue knights. First of all take back world 4. Having done that stand between the first and the second pillar from the right in this room. Point your sword to the left, now strike 3 times with your sword, turn around strike 3 times, turn back to the left and strike again 3 times, lastly jump 3 times. The vase should now appear.

Defeat all the bats in this room (near the necklace and the grey helm) , then jump on the lift and press: Right, Down, Left, Up. After you've got it type the code Umbrella (how odd) in a room with bats and watch!

The Golden Cross is located in a secret room in the middle of the castle. Make your way to the room with the 2 small platforms, Stand on the lowest platform and jump to the right wall, strike with your knife and land on the lowest platform, repeat this until the wall disappears. Get the coin and jump in the wall, walk to the right, watch out for the gap!

You must have completed world 7 to get this item. Defeat all the bats in the room with the arrow shooting statue and the lift, then defeat the bats in the room above. The saber should now appear.

Ares the war god sells the shields in his shrines. Remember that you can have to upgrade your shields. For example if you want to buy the silver shield you must have the Bronze Shield, and 40 golden coins.

There are 10 big keys in the game, the first one is located right from the start, you'll receive the others after defeating the guardians. Each time your character gets a key his/her vitality bar will increase a bit. It's maximum is reached after 10 keys. Although it looks like the bar stops increasing after getting 5 keys.

Defeat all the yellow balls in the room. The robe should now appear on the upper platform.

Defeat the 2 blue knights. The candle appears under one of the rocks.

DOLL [image]
The doll is located in the left-upper corner of world 2. Shatter the wall in the left-upper corner right of the grave stone to make the doll appear.

Defeat the worms in the first rooms of world 5, a ladder will now appear in one of the upper rooms on the other side of the world.

Defeat the flame creatures in world 8 to make a ladder appear which leads to a shrine just above this room.