MSX Releated

Rise of the Penguin Lots interesting info, a weekly trivia.
MSX Games are Back Lots of roms and disk games.
Marco's MSX Page A huge list of MSX roms.
Sandy's MSX World Game lists, passwords, cheats.
The Ultimate MSX Faq The name says all.
Sean Young MSX Page Great MSX page.
Generation MSX Another great MSX page.
Manuel Bilderbeek's Page Lot's of MSX stuff and links
Emulation Programmers Resource Technical documents.
Java MSX Emulator Now you play MSX games online!
MSX Emulator Page
Charin's msx homepage Msx roms and more
MSX Homepage of Maarten ter Huurne Game tips and more

Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy legendary site: Great Wonder boy page
Monster World: Large Monster World site

Video Games Series

Castevania Dungeon
The Megaman HomePage
The Cutest Little Yoshi Page on the Web
Madcow's World of Final Fantasy VII
Snowbomb's Secret of Mana Page

Video Games and consoles

Games Faq's: Lots of console faq's to download.
Mining: Large list of NES cheats
VideoGames.com: Great for new releases and latest info
Emulator Excitement: Play classic games on your PC.
Classic Gaming: Hosts great gaming sites.
Capcom: My second favorite game developer
Konami: My favorite game developer
Sega Master system Museum
Sega Master System Zone: Lots of great Sms stuff
Sega Master System Collector's Page
Classic Home Video Games Museum
Game & Watch
Game Music Homepage
Video game music: Tons of midi's
The unoficial World of Nintendo: Lots of nintendo pics, midi...
Nintendo Land: Great site interesting articles.


Pokemon pictures
Sprite's Homepage : Great games to download.
Dierk's List of Animated Cursors: Cursors of game characters.

Game Development

Vipers C/C++ Web Page: Lots of source codes and documents.
Asphyxia VGA Trainer: Great tutorials on vga programming.
Programmer's Virtual Library: Documents.
Linkomania: A huge list with links to game programming pages.


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