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Many thanx to robert for his corrections and tips!


F1- Pauses the game.
F2 - Shows the equipment window.
SPACE - Shot 1
SHIFT - Shot 2






A day counts 45 seconds.
Life points
Experience points: You'll gain experience points after defeating monsters, however when your experience is high some monster wouldn't give you exp. anymore.
After every 100 exp points your level will increase by one. Every time your max life will increase with 5 life points.
Magic power: needed to use the magic scrolls. You'll urn them by defeating bucklers and grassogre.
Needed to buy things. Several enemies drop money bags. The best place to collect gold is in the small pond with the poison frogs.
After you've reached level 10 you are allowed to increase your speed. Call up the equipment window and put your arrow in front of SPEED, then press the space bar.


King Kong 2 has japanese screen text. Unfornutelly Konami has never let it translate to english. There is a french version of the game available of the Internet. Thanks to Helixx for pointing me that. I've translated most of the text to english. I had to change most of the sentences because the original french ones where kinda short, like: baton tue barbar which means rod kill clubman.


I've still haven't complete the game. Even with the french screen text some puzzles remain a mystery to me.
1) I can't let the golden stone disappear in the room left from the helicopter landing area.
2) Which item do I have to choice near the helicopter landing area. I've already tried all the weapons I had.
3) How can I cross the ravin in the room with the bats ?


I will refer to these areas in the item and translation section.
Area 1: The first part (the field area with the big spider).
Area 2: The mountains beyond the Clubman till the red Spider.
Area 3: The woods beyond the grizzly.
Area 4: Gray mountains. North from the woods.
Area 5: The marsh, north from area 2.
Area 6: The ruins, north from the marsh.
Area 7: The sea: Right from the ruins.
Area 8: The mountains, north from the ruins.
Area 9: The rocky area north form the Twinmires.


There are several of these rock formations in the game. You can shatter them by using the yellow scroll. Most times an entrance to a secret underground area will appear. The monsters in these areas can be defeated with the large sword.


BARRIER 1 - Area 3: The fence north from the boomerang throwing guys can be opened by showing your passport. You can buy it in a cabin a little to the south.

BARRIER 2 - Area 4: A little further a person in a cabin will give the key.

BARRIER 3 - Area 4: You have to give the person in the cabin 5 herbs, these are dropped by rats in area 1.

BARRIER 4 - Area 1: There's another fence inside one of the secret underground areas. It will open when you wear the hood.

BARRIER 5 - Area 5: The fence near the Bigguard: defeat the Bigguard.


You'll need the light to see in these areas. To get it, first visit the upper cabin in area 2 left from the kong statue. He'll ask you a question. Choice the first answer. Now go to the cabin in area 7 and you'll receive the light.


The entrance of this temple appears when you use the golden juwel (equip it and press shift) in the underground area left from the golden temple. After a while you'll come to a dead-end, you can break the southern wall (not the moving stones) with your sword. a little further there's another dead-end. In this area are 3 rooms with moving platforms the weak wal is in the left-under corner of the most left room.


TEMPLE: Two items (the golden juwel, and the king kong mask) will appear on the altar when you've got the ruby.

GRASSOGRE: Squeeze the grassogres with the rock.

MAGIC POINTS: You can use the harpoon and the vortex scroll together without losing MP.

DOLLS: After defeating some enemies a doll will appear and will give you a hint.





Area 1: Buy one in the cabin north from the clubman.


Area 1: Defeat 15 Grassogre creatures.


Centipede and several bosses.


Area 5: The Nasty


Area 2: Red. F. Man


Area 3: Boomerang guys


Area 2: Defeat several Bowlers.

Tombstone Sword

Area 1: Under a tomb stone.

Big Rod

Area 3: Defeat several Fire Totems.


Area 6: Defeat several cave trolls.

Golden stones

Area 9: Defeat the Cavernpig

Shot 2





Opens a fence.

Area 3: 3th cabin right from the Bowlers: 200 gold.


Restores 10 Life points.

Area 3: Dropped by Falconer bats.



Area 4: Cabin beyond the fence.


Unlocks a fence.

Area 5: Cabin near the Nasty.


Restores 10 Life points.

Area 1: Dropped by rats.


Lights the caves.

Area 7: Cabin near the B. Fish Man.


Needed to buy shoes.

Area 2: inside a dark cave.
Area 2: dropped by the Red Spider.


Allows you to contact the Helicopter.

Area 7: Inside the tent.

Red Scroll

Destroys the Nasty.

Area 5: Cabin near the Big Guard.


Makes the items in the temple appear.

Area 7: Inside a cave near the Blue Fish Man.

Vortex Scroll

Allows you to make a spin attack.

Area 2: Defeat several Thickskins.


Needed to defeat the Twinmire.

Area 1: In a cave near the bucklers, use the hood to open the fence.


Needed to defeat Mudarmor/Big Guard

Area 2: Dropped by White fire.

Yellow Scroll

Shatters tombstones.

Area 2: The cabin south from the bowlers.

King Kong mask

Opens a hegde in area 9

Area 6: Inside the golden temple.

Golden Juwel

Makes the underground temple appear.

Area 6: Inside the golden temple.


Unlocks a fence.

Several locations.

White scroll

Freezes enemies.

Area 2: Inside a cave near the bowlers.

Big Key

Unlocks a door in the underground temple.

Area 5: Defeat Revolver.


Moves the big grey stone

Inside the underground temple






Allows you to walk faster in the marsh.

2nd cabin right from the Bowlers: 150 gold


Allows you to enter a cabin

Big Spider





Big Spider






Red Fish Man

Large rod. Use the vortex scroll.

Red Spider


Mud armor


Big Guard

Stones and sword

The Nasty

Red scroll


Sword and stones. You'll need the sculpt.



Cabin in the 1st room.
Mission delivered.
?? King Kong is taken prisoner and you have to find the gold and the fruit and change it the temple. The route is difficult.
Weapons and equipment (F2) will save you.
?? "I didn't understand the last sentence".

Cabin next to the pond.
Shop. I sell items for gold.
Do want to buy a knife to kill the Big Spider for 100 gold.
1) Yes
2) No
Do want to buy stones to kill the Grizzly for 300 gold
1) Yes
2) No

Right from the room with the big spider.
You can hurt the big spider with the knife. This item can be bought in the shop.

In the room with the big spider.
Kill the Big Spider to gain access to the cabins.

Inside the cabin.
Roll the rocks to kill the Grassoggre.

Doll: appears after defeating Sandworm.
Kill the clubman with the rod.

In the room with the clubman.
Kill him with the rod.

In the cave under the stone in the right corner.
After each 1000 exp you can walk 1 speed faster.

In the cave at the left near the bucklers.
Put on your hood to open the barrier. The item beyond it will help you when battling the Twinmires.

In the cave near the rats.
Come back later with the light.
?? "something about collecting all the objects".

The cabin in the dark cave near the rats.
The yellow crystal opens op new road.



Doll: after defeating centipede later in the game.

Cabin left from the kong statue in the left upper corner.
Key to enter the cabin or turn your mp in hp.
1) Key
2) Life

Left from the kong statue in the left under corner.
1) normal - 50 gold
2) super - 100 gold
3) Nothing

Left from the kong statue at the right.
Do you want hp for 150 gold
1) Yes
2) No

Near the kong statue.
Enter the golden temple with the ruby. West from the temple is a secret path, find the water and the money after you have received the key from revolver.

Left from the red fish man.
Kill the Thickskins to get the vortex scroll.
The white scroll freezes the enemies but consumes some mp.
You'll receive the sword when you kill the red fish man.


Doll: after defeating Grizzly.
The Twinmire protects the revolver.

At the north-east side and near the fence.
Show me you passport please.

The same 2 cabins, but after you've bought a passport.
-Your passport is alright. Access granted.
-Do you want to open the door ?
1) Yes
2) No

Doll: after defeating the Bowlers.
With a specific shoe you can walk over water.

Right from the bowlers, upper cabin
1) Life for 50 gold.
2) Gain entrance to the cabin later 100 gold.

Right from the bowlers the cabin in the middle.
I'll trade these shoes for flowers and 150 gold.
1) Ok
2) No

Right from the bowlers in the right under corner.
Do want to buy a passport for 200 gold ?
1) Yes
2) No

Cabin near the Fire-totems
?? "Something about boomerangs and owls"



The first Cabin you'll see.
Kill the ??. (You'll lose hp constantly if you visit this cabin)

In the room with the barrier in the upper corner.
Restore your life points ?
1) Yes
2) No

In the room with the barrier in the under corner.
Do want a key to open the fence ?
1) Yes
2) No

In the room with the barrier in the middle, the left one.
I'll open the fence and give you a lemon if you give me 5 herbs.
1) Yes
2) No

In the room with the barrier in the middle, the right one.
Gardiens under a rock will give you the scroll.


Doll: appears after defeating the mud worm.
?? "Something about the stone throwing enemies"

Cabin right from the Nasty, the one in the upper corner.
Do you want to trade your shoes for life points ?
1) Yes
2) No

Cabin right from the Nasty, the one in the middle.
Mud Armor protects the Nasty.

Cabin right from the Nasty, the one in the under corner.
The Bag contains the answer. Big Guard will be history soon.

Cabin near the Kong statue.
Here's a hood that'll keep you warm in the caves.

Cabin near the Mud Armor.
You'll need the sculpt to kill the Twinmires.

In the cabin in the cave.
Show this scroll to the Nasty and he will let you pass.


Doll: appears after you've defeat mr ruins near the temple.
A lonely person guards a secret.


The cabin on the beach in the under corner.
Use the lance and the scroll and the fish man wouldn't come back.

The cabin on the beach.
See in the dark is impossible!!

The same cabin.
Now that you have the light you can see in the dark.

The tent.
Wear the mask in front of the hedge.

Doll: appears after defeating the hawks.
When you've equiped the harpoon, you can use the vortex scroll without losing mp.


In the room with the landing marks.
Choose the right item to let the helicopter land. Every turn cost you 350 gold.
1) shot 1
2) shot 2
3) Cancel

?? "Something about access, king kong and ride"

When use the radio in the room with the landing marks.
You overheard that that the helicopter is on his way with help. King Kong is on board. We will mark his necklace.