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There are 3 Knightmare games. The series starts with Knightmare. In this game Popolon has to rescue Aphrodite, the queen of the castle. Aphrodite was captured by the evil Hudnos, he took her to mount Atos. After Popolon rescued Aphrodite they went back to the castle. At the moment they arrived the two noticed something fishy was going on. Later they realized that the castle was invaded by Galious. This high priest lured Popolon out of the castle by letting Aphrodite being captured by one of his servants. Galious also captured the brave couples future baby from heaven. After Popolon and Aphrodite succeeded in defeating Galious and his evil servants, peace returned to the kingdom which is mainly inhabited by greek gods. Popolon was rewarded with the crown. Soon Popolon and Aphrodite got married and Pamperse was born. After years of peace Pamperse had become the new king. This is where part 3 starts. I don't know the rest of the story, because shalom is not translated to english.


The Maze of Galious is an adventure game with platform action. It has many puzzles and secrets. As usually in adventure games, you can find items which will help you on your quest. You start the game in a huge castle, this is the main section of the game. There are 10 portals in this castle which lead to the world areas. Each world has a guardian which must be defeated. You are able to play with 2 different characters: Popolon and Aphrodite. Both heroes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although the worlds may all look alike, they all have their own characteristic puzzle. After lost of years playing games, I still think this is one of best games ever.



There are a lot of differences between the MSX version and Nes version. First of all, all the rooms are different, the nes version has no item icons and there are no rocks in the game. The worlds are bigger, the castle is only twice as big as some of the worlds. Another big difference is that you can't explore the whole castle from the start, this makes the castle more just an area between the worlds then the main area as in the MSX version. One of the only improvements is that the enemies have more colors, some of them definitely look better. The nes game is a nice game for the real MoG fans because it still some MoG elements, but it sure can't beat the MSX version.



Maze of Galious is the sequel of Knightmare. This game was released in 1986 on the MSX platform. Knightmare is an up scrolling action, shooting game which is pretty tough too. This game was actually the trap of Galious to let Popolon leave the castle. After this brave knight left the castle he sets out to free Aphrodite who was captured by Hudnos. The game style is totally different from MoG, but it also guarantees lots of fun.



Popolon also appears in the MSX version of the weird shooting game Parodius. Unfortunately he was removed in the other Parodius versions. Parodius is a parody on the Nemesis games. The game play is much the same. You can choose between different konami characters.



I don't know much about this game because it's 100% Japanese. The game starts when the main character warps through his TV (just like that captain N dude) into another world, one with knights and wizards. The king of that world is Pamperse, who was the captured baby in MoG. I think the pig which appears in this game also appears in Gokukyou Parodius for the snes, he's called Michael in that game. It's more a RPG game than The Maze of Galious and reminds me sometimes to the original The Legend of Zelda game. I think it's quite fun when you can read Japanese. I hope someone will translate it someday, just like King Kong 2.